What’s happening in Haugesund / Karmøy?

Haugesund is a city and municipality in Rogaland on the west coast of Norway. The municipality is located in the northwest of the county and borders to Tysvær in the east, to Karmøy in the southwest and to Sveio in Hordaland in the north.
The town of Haugesund had 44,830 inhabitants (of which 8,599 belong to Karmøy) as of 1 January 2017, and is the 14th largest town in the country. The city serves as a regional center for Haugaland, Sveio and Etne in Sunnhordland, an area of ​​around 110,000 inhabitants.

Haugesund is a young city that emerged from the mid 1800s as a result of rich herring in the sea beyond. It gained status as a repository in 1854 and purchase rights in 1866. Although herring gradually disappeared, the city still relates to maritime industries through the shipbuilding industry and shipping. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has been located in Haugesund since 2006. Today, however, the trade and service industry dominates, and Haugesund had the country’s 8th largest turnover per capita retailer in 2014 (133 897 per capita).

Karmøy is a municipality and an island in Rogaland. The island has an area of ​​177.9 km2 and is the county’s largest and Norway’s 23rd island. The municipality of Karmøy has land borders in the north to Haugesund and in the northeast to Tysvær. At sea, neighboring municipalities in the east are the island municipality Bokn, in the south of Kvitsøy and west by the sea, Utsira municipality. Karmøy is the country’s 20th largest municipality with regard to the number of inhabitants. The administration center is Kopervik, which is situated as a natural center in the middle of the island.


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