What’s going on in Stavanger?

Stavanger is a town and municipality in Rogaland located southwest of Norway. Stavanger is Norway’s fourth largest city municipality with 132,913 inhabitants (per second quarter 2017) and Norway’s densest populated municipality. The municipality is located in northern Jæren and together with Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg, the country’s third largest urban area with 242 819 inhabitants.

The name Stavanger comes from Norrønt Stafangr. It is composed of character, meaning stave, and angr, which means fjord. According to historian Knut Helle, it is about the right fjord to Vågen, with characters that are to refer to Valberg’s steep cliff east of Vågen. Facing the North Sea, Stavanger has always been dependent on the ocean and strongly influenced by external impulses. Stavanger’s history is highly international. The first traces of settlements in the Stavanger region come from the time when the ice pulled back after the last ice age for approx. 10,000 years ago.

Bergen municipality passed 275 000 inhabitants by the end of 2014, and the metropolitan area Bergen and surrounding areas has more than 80% of Hordaland residents and more than 30% of the inhabitants in Western Norway.

In 1360, Hansaforbundet had one of its headquarters in Bergen, a What’s going on in Stavanger What’s going on in Stavanger trade company that was continued at Bryggen until 1899. Bergen was the seat of Bergenhus County and later Bergen founded.
Bergen is a city and municipality in Hordaland; and a What’s going on in Stavanger former county (until 1972) on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by “The Seven Mountains”, and referred to as “the capital of the Westland”. After tradition, Bergen was founded by Olav Kyrre in 1070 called Bjørgvin, which means What’s going on in Stavanger”the green meadow between the mountains”.



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